Over the last decade, the equity financing markets have undergone drastic changes as a result of both regulatory and business constraints. Clear convictions about the future of this market led Cellyant founders to consider developping an openly-investable and regulated fund with a view to offering investors an unprecedented access to security financing strategies.

Founding partners

Cellyant founding partners have a proven ability to combine fundamental tax / regulatory analysis with derivatives trading expertise and unique sensitivity to market and operational risks. Such an expertise allows Cellyant to unveil and implement arbitrages through an efficient and adaptable process, capturing all the components of a trade from inception to settlement.

Gregory das Merces

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicolas Hamar

Chief Investment Officer - Portfolio Manager

Cellyant's organisation

Cellyant Capital Management SA is established in Luxembourg and authorised / supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). Cellyant Capital Management is the management company of the Cellyant Convergence fund, a sub-fund of Cellyant Global Fund SICAV (OEIC) - Specialised Investment Fund (SIF), an Alternative Investment Fund authorised / registered in Luxembourg.

Being submitted to both the AIFM Directive and implementing Luxembourguish national regulations, Cellyant Capital Management operates under strict regualtory conditions including:

Academics and education

Cellyant considers that the current inefficiency of the security financing markets is mainly driven by a lack of education of the wider financial community regarding the ins and outs of security financing trades.

Cellyant is convinced that education forms an integral part of its mission and is consequently involved in several educational efforts toward current or future market professionals, both at operational and support function levels. Please contact us for any enquiry regarding our training programs.